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The decision as to whether to get a breast implant is not an easy one. There are pluses and minuses. For many women, they believe they will be perceived more confidently and positively in the community with larger or smaller breasts. Many women have breasts that are larger or smaller than the rest of their bodies and they'd like to be proportionate. The risks of problematic side effects from breast implants aren't as great as they once were. But that doesn't mean every breast implant happens without a hitch.
When you're considering whether to get a breast implant, you should carefully weigh the pros, cons, and the costs of the procedure. Talk it over with your physician and your closest loved ones so you can make an informed decision.
Throughout history there have been many problems associated with silicon breast implants. And one study found that women with implants were almost 25 percent more likely to have breast tissue diseases later, than women who did not have implants. In addition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration records show that as many as half off all implants leak or rupture. This causes a breast reduction in one or both breasts, which can make women look even more disproportionate than they were before having the implants.
The other major negative point many women complain about is scarring. During the surgery, physicians need to cut into the side of the woman's breast. This often leaves scars that can remain for years–and maybe decades. Some doctors claim they can make the incisions in ways that don't leave marks, but there is no guarantee. Further, the surgery can cost thousands of dollars.
There are pluses and minuses like this to just about every corrective surgery. It's up to you to decide whether it's worth it in your particular case.