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Professional wrestling no longer has a cult following: the sports entertainment business has now become a household item. No longer are the days when professional wrestling fans are labeled as deficient in education or economy as almost everyone follows wrestling.

The boom in popularity has prompted wrestling organizations to push the envelope in an effort to stay competitive in the all important ratings war. The sports entertainment companies know that they have the attention of the viewers at home and the last thing they want is to bore them.

However, some viewers now question the content that has recently been aired on television shows. Opposition has grown against content such as scantaly clad women showing too much skin and wrestling matches that are considered too violent. The question of "just how far is too far" was further pushed after the death of wrestler Owen Hart and the paralyzing accident of Darren Drozdov. Hart died after suffering a fall from more than fifty feet while trying to execute an exciting ring entrance from the ceiling of Kemper Arena. Drozdov lost all of the feeling in his upper and lower extremities after falling awkwardly on his head while another wrestler performed a high risk maneuver. Drozdov would later gain feeling in his upper extremities after hours of surgery, but doctors would say that his career was over.

No longer are the days when wrestlers had normal matches. Now there are Ladder, Casket, Hardcore, Hell in a Cell, and even Inferno matches in professional wrestling events. Hardcore style matches have ignited the beginnings and realization of several "backyard wrestling leagues". These are semi-organized groups, mostly consisting of non-adults, using objects such as cheese graters -among other things- to draw blood from one another. Some of the participants have even taken to the skies by jumping off of roof tops onto mattresses and other youngsters.

Professional wrestling shows no longer find anything taboo when it comes to airing certain content on their television shows, and with the massive amount of money in merchandising and attendance, why would they? The two major players in this game are the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling as the ratings war only gets hotter and nastier. The ratings competition between the WWF and WCW even managed to take a bite out of Monday Night Football's ratings. Professional wrestling fans find themselves putting their thumbs through a rigorous workout as they constantly change the channels back and forth on Monday nights, as both the WWF and WCW lower the bar as to what they'll air. It can almost be said that professional wrestling no longer has any rules left to break.