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Jim Rome is an amazing sports journalist. He has turned his local Southern California radio show and taken it to a national level. The show has well over 200 affiliates listening to his show the Jungle.
Rome also participates in a national TV broadcast called the Last Word. One cannot appreciate Rome in this television broadcast because he has to tame his words and voice down to more acceptable levels. After hearing an hour of the Jungle one will come to understand Jim Rome's greatness.
His listeners refer to themselves as clones and basically press the redial button a hundred times for the opportunity to speak on the show. Rome has a vigorous screening process and if he does not believe the caller has what it takes to talk on the air, Rome will not allow the caller on the show. Sometimes a weak caller will get through the screening process and make a fool of himself on the air. Other radio broadcasters would tolerate this caller and wait until he or she finished. Rome would end the call halfway through the conversation. This weak caller has been (as Rome would say) run.
As one can probably tell, Rome has certain words and phrases that add a special feeling of uniqueness to the call. Some examples are:
Clones, which means loyal clone listeners
Out, which means Goodbye
Jungle Karma that means the show supports you
Have a take, do not suck, which means that either know what you want to say or do not say all
The list could continue forever, but the Jungle has too many great phrases to see in one article.
Besides the phrases, the Jungle and Jim Rome are special because of his ability to conduct a great interview. He has brought in some of the great names of sports and some of his interviews could be described as priceless. Don King, Lennox Lewis, Fred Couples, Vince McMahon and many more names have been on the show. Rome has had people from basically every sport and covers all of them.
Finally, besides his great phrases and great interviews, the thing that makes Rome great is his frankness. If he feels a certain way on a subject he will be straight with the listeners. If he doesn’t like a sport he will back up his reasons. He tends to back up semi-popular sports like the NHL (which is the lowest rated sport) and gives great reasons: high quality athletes, strong fan bases and great tradition.
Rome is one of the best journalists and really deserves his due. His frankness and humor should hopefully pave the way for better sports journalists in the future.