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The Federal Trade Commission requirements for what's to be included in radio advertisements aren't as strict as they once were. Business owners now have several options. What is required is honesty. You have to be up front with consumers about what products and services you're offering and at what costs, or there are severe fines and penalties. Here's what's required to be on a radio ad.

• Don't be misleading. You need to state what's offered, at what price, and how long the offer stands. If the offer ends at the end of the week, that needs to be stated. And then it's your obligation to continue the offer until that date.
• Surgeon General's Warnings. If you are advertising a product that requires you to advertise a Surgeon General's Warning, you need to be sure that is included in your ad.
• Lease rates. If you're advertising a lease or a loan of any type–whether it's for a car or a house–you have a couple options. If your ad includes any payment amounts, the number of required payments, or any claims for a down payment, you need to either include the following in your radio ad: that the consumer has an option to buy the leased property, the exact number of payments, how much they would be, and when they would be due, the amount of any payments claimed, and that the offer is for leases–or you can avoid having to state all these items in your radio ad, if you give a toll-free telephone number for more information or a print ad published somewhere with that information. If you choose the latter option, your radio ad must state the number of payments, how much they are, when they're due, the total amount of each payment, and that the offer is for a leased property.