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The After-prom is done so that the children will be safe and not travel to beach houses and party on the night of the big dance. With the onset of after-proms following the formal dance, many fresh ideas have emerged in recent years that will keep the students at the after-prom activity and not doing what they should not.

Whether one calls it gaming or gambling this activity has become very popular at the after-proms. Craps, Poker Blackjack, roulette and slots are all popular activities. Instead of real money, the teenagers play for tokens or coupons for prizes. The teens love to gamble and this keeps their young minds occupied. Give away the prizes at the end of the night. This will result in the students staying at the after-prom to claim their goodies.

Another great activity is dance contests. The people have just been dancing for hours. Why not continue dancing for more? Limbo contests, shake competitions and other various dance contests have become favorite of the after prom scene. These contests offer something for people who don’t like gambling and offers a way to work off additional energy.

The next activity that is very enjoyable is sumo-wrestling. You give the guy and girl a protective sumo outfit- basically the outfit is made of pillows and other things that makes the students soft and very large. Then one can let the dates go at it. The outfits protect the children from getting hurt and the “fighting” lets the teens get off unneeded anxiety.

After-proms would not be known if it was not for their great food. Offer the children lots of food choices from their favorite restaurants. The children will stay if they have to choose between “all you can eat buffet of their favorites" or Mc Donalds. Many food companies will come and bring food samples for good publicity.

Finally children want to remember their special night. Give them different photography stations so that they and their partner will be able to retain the memories of the special night. Make the stations have funny images and backgrounds.

The after-prom can be fun and entertaining; however, if one does not have the right ideas the children will leave and go to unsafe activities.