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On-line auctions are the hottest vehicle for selling the goods you no longer want. Everything from clothing to office supplies to old records to sports items can be found at a 24-hour site like EBay.

It's fairly cheap to get started and very convenient. But if you have something to sell, you should master a few simple techniques.

If you're not expecting to get rich, that's good.
Set your minimum bid low to get the action started. If your item is worth $25 and you set the minimum bid at $15, you're probably not going to have much success. Ask yourself what the lowest price is you'd be happy with because it's possible that's the only bid you'll get.

Invest in a scanner and/or digital camera. Photos of your items, unless they're common everyday things like envelopes or Bic pens, are vital. Learning to use a scanner is easy. You'll be guaranteed better action and there will be fewer questions after the sale if the buyers know what they're bidding on.

Be as descriptive as possible. If it's an old baseball card, offer an accurate description of the corners (sharp, somewhat worn), centering and color. Even if you're posting a photo, this helps. Buyers don't have patience if they have to guess at what your item looks like.

Consider going with a 7 or 10 day auction. The longer your item is posted, the more chances someone will stumble across it while searching.
It doesn't cost any more than a little patience waiting for the close!

Finally, start your auction at a time when a lot of people are on-line, say between 5 PM and 9 PM. The auction will END at this time and you'd love to have some bidders browsing while your auction is ending.