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Chances are that you already encountered unsolicited (mostly commercial) email, also and better known as "spam". So how do you cut down on the masses of email coming into your in-box every week? Here are some things that you can do to help cut down on the spam emails.

If you run your own mailserver, you can use a server software that uses a Real Time Black Whole List. These systems keep track of all known spammers, and they enable your server to deny any incoming mail from them. Also in Hotmail accounts you have the option to block emails from certain addresses by selecting block sender.

A lot of spam emails will have sentences which say something to the effect of "If you don't want to receive any more of these messages, send a reply to". But these spammers aren't providing you with a way to unsubscribe, but in fact are providing themselves a way to come up with e-mail accounts that they know are valid (because a real person replied from them). As tempting as it may be, just ignore these unsubscribe options, and you'll help to keep yourself off of many spam lists. Spam lists are sold to companies, the lists contain only valid email addresses, that’s why you should not reply to those emails because if you do they know it’s valid and will be placed in lists.

Many spammers will use "spiders" to search the web and newsgroups for e-mail addresses. So, if you want to post your address to an on-line forum, do so in the form of username(remove-spam-prevention) People will know to take out the (remove-spam-prevention), but spam spiders won't. That way the “spiders” will not have your true email address and your email address will not be added to any lists.