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Sprint PCS’s digital network offers many advantages over its competition. The best feature about Sprint PCS is that it is truly a national service. It offers free long distance from anywhere in Sprints network range. One must know that Sprint’s network covers most major cities in the US and Canada. There are absolutely no roaming charges. These roaming charges are how the other companies can pretend to offer cheap long distance, but actually charge you between 15 and 99 cents (a minute) when calling out of your phone range.
Sprint also allows it customers to have free wireless web service. This option lets you get your email, stock quotes, and sport scores from your Sprint PCS phone. This option will be expanding when the newer Sprint phones have the ability to display graphics. The world is going to be literally at one’s fingertips with this device.
Another obtainable option with a one-year contract is 200 free weekend and evening minutes. Imagine having 200 minutes to go along with your already 300, 500, or 1000 minutes. One could affordably use his cell phone more than his house phone.
Sprint phones come in a variety of prices ranging from fifty dollars to three hundred dollars. If one is willing to buy a refurbished phone he can actually get the phone for only thirty dollars. Watch out-some of the phones do not work for both dual and analog modes. The refurbished phones are a little bigger but have the same reception quality of the newer phones. The activation of the phone usually costs nothing, but at times costs thirty dollars depending on the time of the year.
Being a national service and offering all these features, makes Sprint a great deal and it has prices ranging from 19.99 to 99.99 a month.