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Many people panic when they think of the possibility of having to go inside their computer and operate. It looks menacing inside a computer with all the wiring and circuitry. But in reality, it’s not so bad. Here are some tips when you have to replace your computer’s hard disk drive.

· The first thing you need to do is to back up all your data. This is most easily done on floppy disk or on a zip disk. When you save all your data to disk, be sure to properly label the disks so they are more easily re-installed onto your new hard drive.
· If your computer has crashed, you likely have no other option than to replace the hard drive. Unfortunately, by the time this occurs you have already lost every piece of data on your computer. It’s too late.
· Take apart your computer. Take the outer casing off with a screwdriver. Your hard drive is typically above or below the floppy disk drive. If there are any loose wires around your hard drive, you may not need to replace it after all. Simply re-install those wires in their proper places and try your computer again. If it doesn’t work, you need to get a new hard drive.
· Look for the indicator light on your hard drive. Pull the light from the housing and unscrew the casing around the area that secures that card. Remove that card.
· Disconnect all cables around where your hard drive is. But remember where you’re pulling them from, so you can replace them in a few minutes to their rightful locations.
· Unscrew all screws around the hard drive. Your hard drive has two mounting brackets on either side of it. Squeeze the mounting brackets and pull the hard drive out of the casing.
· Disconnect all the other cables and wires from the hard drive.
· Use a screwdriver to take the mounting device off the old hard drive.
· Install the mounting device on the new hard drive and reverse this process to install the new drive.