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You need to buy a printer so what are you going to do? Rely on the salesperson at the store to choose the printer for you? This is not a very good idea. Instead, prepare yourself with the following information and make your own decision based on your needs.

First of all, how much usage will it be getting? Is it for the occasional use or will you be using it practically everyday? If you plan to use it a lot you should first check the amount of pages that it prints per minute. If you will be doing a lot of color printing, then the amount of printed color pages per minute is something that you must check also. Some printers can have a very good speed while printing in black but when printing in color can be very slow. In order to make the right choice you must first know how you will be using the printer so that you will know what features to concentrate on.

Second, check the prices of the inks. You might get a printer at a very good price but then spend too much money on ink. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you buy a printer that uses one cartridge for all three colored inks, when one of the colors run out you have to replace the cartridge. This means wasting money because you may not have used the other two colors at all, yet you’ll have to throw the cartridge away. For this reason I would advise to find a printer that uses separate ink tanks for each color. You can replace each color individually when it runs out, saving you a lot of money. You might also look into inks made to be used with all printers regardless of the manufacturer. They are usually cheaper than the inks sold by the printers’ manufacturers. Before purchasing these inks make sure that the refill instructions will work with your printer. Most do, however, don’t buy it until you are sure.

Do you plan on using your printer for printing pictures and/or professional looking graphics? If so, you may need to buy specialty inks and paper, look at the cost of these before buying the printer. After purchasing your printer the highest expense that you will incur with the use of the printer will be on ink and therefore, it is worth taking the time to review ink prices prior to purchasing the printer.

Are you wondering which are the best printer manufacturers and models? The only way to go is through word of mouth. Find out which printers your friends and co-workers own and ask for their opinions. Are they satisfied with it? Have they had any repair problems? Has it been difficult to receive technical assistance from the manufacturer's technical support?

Before you make the final decision you might like to check one of the magazines that specifically test products in order to make consumers aware of the quality of the products. You don’t have to purchase the magazine, you can find these at the public library. A little work before buying a printer will save you a lot of headaches afterwards.