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Napster has the ability to lower the demand for CD's. The program makes any song ever made available for free. It disregards copyright laws and enables a person to download one's favorite music into a format that takes up little room on a hardrive.
One just needs to travel to any university in the country to understand the issue. Students do not buy CD's. Recent studies have shown music stores around college campuses have had their sales cut after the onset of Napster. Students do need feel the need to pluck down fifteen dollars for a CD, when they can get all the songs they want for free. The high-speed college networks enable students to download songs in just seconds.
CD burners have also helped Napster. People can download the songs from Napster, then they can put the burned songs onto any CD's of their choice. They end up with mixes of their favorite songs and everybody appears happy-except for the bands whose music is copied, and the record labels whose profits are decreasing
Napster has caught the attention of the major music industries and several lawsuits have been filed to stop Napster's forum from giving away free music. Until a resolution the problem can only get worse.
The popularity of cable and DSL modems will make computers who are not based on college networks still able to download music quickly. The phone modem still takes about twenty minutes to download songs; however the cable modem takes about fifteen seconds. Once the office and home users have the ability to fully take advantage of Napster's features, the music industry will really start to lose profits.
Napster presents a problem to the record industry and with the popularity of high-speed connections, it appears the problem can only grow.