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Creating your own web page can be a creative and exciting experience, especially for those who are not that familiar with computers or the internet. When creating a web page, you can learn how to write html (the code for programming web pages) or you can simply create a site with the help of yahoo and geocities. If you decide to learn how to write code, I suggest reading the book "HTML For Dummies". The book can easily be read by all ages and gives insightful hints throughout the book that will help set your website apart from all of the other millions of sites. For those looking to have help in building your own web page, you can do so through yahoo. They will help you build your own website with their website editor. Creating your own web page allows you to post information about yourself, allows for people to post resumes on the internet, or could even be the start to the next million dollar dot com company. If you want to register your own dot com name, a good site to do it on is Good luck and enjoy the endless possibilities on the web.