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If you look at the club section on the internet, every search engine has them. You will be amazed by what is out there. Every topic under the sun exists, but out of those thousands, only a small percentage are successful.

Here are some pointers on how to make your club a success:

1. Try to find a topic that does not have hundreds of different clubs. For example, if you look up Celine Dion you will find a lot of different clubs. While she is very popular, there is already a lot offered on that topic. While, if you look up a club for Seafood recipes, you will find only a handful. It all comes down to what topics are needed.

2. Once you have created your club, you need to advertise. Do searches on the search engine to find users who have listed they are interested in that area. Then invite them to join your club. Invite them once though, do not over-invite a person as that will just annoy them and in turn they will complain to friends about your methods. Bad publicity will not help.

3. Make your club page as friendly as possible. Small things like colors, pictures, and artistic detail can appeal to the eyes and make your club more noticable than another.

4. Do not let the message board go stagnant. If someone checks your club page and sees that no one has posted in a week, they are not going to be very interested. Plus, if the founder is not willing to make the effort to post, why should the members? Make sure you check the posts daily and respond to any questions. If you do not know the answer, tell the person, but offer to research it. It shows you care. When a new member joins, post a thank you to let them know you appreciate their support.

5. Send out a monthly email asking the members if they have any requests or comments on the clubs. Do not send them out more than once a month. You do not want to annoy them with constant emails, but once a month polls can be very useful.

6. Encourage participation. Ask a question of the week and post it in the Founder comments so that new members see it. One answer on the board can create conversations between members.

7. Lastly, if you do not think your club is doing well, let your members know before you cancel it. I have been in clubs where the founder suddenly deletes it. It is rude and in the future someone will find your new club and then remember what happened with the last club you founded. They will not want to repeat that experience.