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If you're into hunting, fishing, or hiking, you'll love the eTrex. Made by Garmin, this personal navigator weighs just six ounces and is about the size of a deck of playing cards, yet will always help you find your way home again no matter how lost you feel.

Outdoorsmen will appreciate the streamlined design of the eTrex as well as its easy-to-handle size. Buttons are located on both sides of the unit, allowing for simple operation that won't obstruct your view of the display. The gadget is also waterproof, so it can take an accidental dip in the water and still continue to perform, which is a must for outdoor activities.

The eTrex contains both a small 12 channel Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and a built-in antenna that helps it to determine your position. Using satellite lock technology, the navigator tracks your route, records your steps, and is then able to reverse your path, telling you how to find your way home through written instructions and a map on the high-resolution backlit screen.

The gadget includes a walking speedometer and a digital compass that will further help you keep track of yourself in the great outdoors. You can also program in a route as you walk to your favorite swimming hole or hunting spot and then follow the instructions the next time you're trying to find your destination. The screen will tell you how many miles away you are as you near your goal, as well as how many minutes it should take to get there walking at your current walking or jogging speed.

The eTrex comes with a handy wrist strap and runs for up to 22 hours on two AA batteries. Other accessories are available as well, including a cigarette lighter adapter to give the gadget all the juice it'll ever need, an instructional video for getting the most out of your new toy, and a leather carrying case to keep it safe.

Easy to keep track of and even easier to use, this durable little device could even save your life if you're prone to losing your way in the wilds. The street price for the eTrex is around $120.00, which pales in comparison to the cost of some outdoor gear. The eTrex is a must buy for the outdoorsman and gadget lover alike.