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To the novice, fax machines seem overwhelming and complex. They’re a relatively new technology that many people believe are quite complicated machines. But the facts are that many times when you think your fax machine might be broken for good, you can actually fix the problem yourself, without calling a repair man. Here are some tips.

· Nothing on your fax machine will work. If this is the case, chances are your fax machine simply isn’t getting any power to it. Check to make sure it’s connected properly to the power source. Many people connect their fax machines to a power surge protector. Make sure that surge protector is plugged into the wall.
· You can’t send or receive faxes on your machine. Chances are this is a phone line problem. Make sure the line and phone cables are connected properly. Make sure the lines are connected into the right ports. Check out the phone jack with a regular phone to see if it’s working. The other possibility is that your fax has a damaged circuit board. This is a serious problem. If your fax only has one port, or if the port for your lines are damaged, you should have your machine serviced.
· You can only send documents. If you can’t receive any documents, yet you can send them, chances are there is a problem with your phone line or modem. If these are the problems, you likely need to have them serviced. The other possibility is that your fax exposure lamp is broken. Then all it takes is for you to replace that bulb.
· Miscellaneous marks appear on your documents. If this is the case, chances are your fax machine has a dirty glass cover. Open the cover and clean the glass with a clean cloth and alcohol.
· Your fax machine won’t print. If this is the case, you either have a dirty thermal head and need to clean it with a clean cloth and alcohol, or you have the paper installed in the fax machine improperly.
· If you have a plain paper fax machine and you’re seeing unusual marks on your faxes, there are several possibilities for problems. You should check the inside of your machine and make sure toner was not spilled inside, clean the wires of your machine, or consider that you might have a damaged drum, in which case you should replace it.