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Whether you're shopping for your home office or for a small business, you need to look closely at the possibility of buying from a computer reseller. They can offer you good used products at discounted prices, and you can still get the technical support and warranties you need, if that's important to you.

There are several types of computer resellers, including dealers, value-added dealers(who have used products for sale and provide some telephone and possibly some on-site–support), value-added resellers(usually have a wide array of products with some support), computer superstores(sell from a retail store), or systems integrators(provide more support and service).

While some computer resellers do sell new computers, most of these people deal strictly in used computers. They clean up and refurbish old computers to sell at discounted prices and are often as good as a brand new product.

Here are some things you should consider about computer resellers when deciding whether you should work with one.

• You can often get discounted prices. Computer resellers offer used computers from a variety of sources. They could be from businesses who have upgraded for individuals who for whatever reason don't want or need their computer anymore.
• Their computers are cleaned up and serviced. Computer resellers will remove all the information from the hard drives that were placed their by the original owners and install certain software packages on the computer that will usually come ready for you to use.
• The hardware sometimes is state-of-the-art. If you're looking for a computer with the absolute latest in technology, you likely won't find a computer reseller who has one. But if you want a state-of-the-art computer that is perhaps a year old, it's quite possible the computer reseller will be able to help you out. Some companies get rid of superfluous computers, regardless of age.
• Figure out what you want in a computer. Before you start your computer shopping, decide what it is you need in a computer. Make a list. Write down how much memory you need, how fast you need it to work. And be realistic. Do you really need the latest technology?
• Decide what kind of service you'll need. If you think you'll need on-site support for your computers, you may want to buy from a computer reseller who offers that support.
• Decide what kind of warranty you need for your computer. If you think you'll need an extensive warranty for the equipment you're buying, you may want to buy from a computer reseller who offers that warranty.