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Computer printers seem to jam just about every day in every office in the United States. Before you call your repairman to fix this and other printer problems, consider these hints.

· Your printer doesn’t turn on. Check the power source. Look at the outlet, and make sure the plug is solidly in the wall. Also check the surge protector and make sure it is turned on. Check all cables and printer covers. Make sure they are securely in place.
· Your printer does not print. The most common problem with this is that the printer is not online. Look for a little light somewhere near the control panel of your printer. Make sure the printer is online and ready to do business. Also, make sure you have enough memory to run your printer. Turn your computer and printer off and back on to reset the memory status. If that doesn’t work, try printing a smaller file. Perhaps you’re trying to send too much material to your printer at once. There also may be a software problem with the printer. Check to make sure the software is loaded correctly. You may have to re-install the software. Also, check the printer’s printhead (that’s the head that causes your printer to print). Clean the head thoroughly. If it still doesn’t work, perhaps you should install a new print head.
· Your printer is printing in streaks or is making smeary marks on the pages. Your printer might be dirty. Clean every aspect of the ink of your printer. Clean the rails and rollers, the printhead and the print cartridge. You also may be out of ink. Replace the print cartridge, ribbon, or toner. If you use a laser printer, your corona wire might be dirty or broken. Clean the wire carefully (it can be easily destroyed with one wrong move). If the wire is broken, you need to have the printer professionally serviced.