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If you're having trouble using your computer's mouse on your computer, chances are your mouse is dirty. Think about it. Your mouse has seen a lot of dust and grime on your mouse pad over the months and years you've been using it. Without a bath once in awhile, your mouse will get dusty and grimy, as well.

+ The first thing you need to do to clean your mouse ball is to take apart your mouse. There are usually directions for how to do this on the bottom of your mouse. Turn your mouse over and look at the directions. A typical mouse will come apart simply by pushing up on a little plastic door on the bottom of the mouse. If this isn't how yours works, you likely either need to press a ball-cage housing inward or turn the cover forward or clockwise.
+ Take the ball out and clean it. The best way to clean the trackball is to get a damp, clean cloth and dip it in denatured or nearly pure alcohol. Clean the entire ball and remove all the dirt.
+ Let the ball dry. The best way to do this is to simply air dry it. Don't put the trackball back in the mouse before it is completely dry.
+ Clean the inside of your mouse. Use a clean house key or a pen cap to scrape residue out from the inside of the mouse. Dirt likely has accumulated in here over time. After you've scraped all the dust and dirt you can see, use another clean, damp cloth dipped in alcohol to swab the inside of the mouse. When you're done with that, blow all the debris out of the inside of the mouse and put the dry ball back inside the ball cage.