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Adaptec Easy CD Creator is a fun program that anyone in the family can learn to use. If you want to make a CD using your own MP3’s, or copy a CD you already have Adaptec can do it.
The first step to making a CD is to take the MP3’s you have collected and turn them into wav format. In order to do this you must take your media player and transfer them in to a different format called “WAV Files.”
After you have done this you should put the wav files into a folder on your desktop. This will make it a lot easier when trying to find them later.
Next, you should open your Adaptec easy CD creator program. The first info box that comes up will ask you if you want an Audio CD or a Data CD. Choose the Audio CD and click next. Then double click on the icon of the “C Drive.” Then scroll down and double click where it says “windows.” Next double click where it says “Desktop.” After doing this click on the folder that contains the wav files you have created. The list of songs that you would like on the CD will appear and you can click on each song to put on the CD. After you click on a specific song you must click “add now” to officially put it on the CD.
After you have added all the songs you want on the CD click next. You are then asked to make a title of the CD and type the artist’s name. After you enter that information you then press next again. Now you will choose to “close the session.” Press next again. Then click “do not perform test.” Then press next again, and then click finish.
This completes the process of creating a CD mix using Adaptec Easy CD creator. It will take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to make the actual CD.
Have fun and Good Luck!