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Do you have a website that you’ve just started to maintain? Here are some simple HTML codes that will help you insert text, links and images.

To Change the Size Of Your Text:
Sizes can range from –6 to +6

To Change the Color of Your Text:
A few possible colors are red, green, blue, orangered.

To Add A Link Behind Your Text:

To Add An Email Link To Your Text:

To Add A Graphic As A Link:

To Add An Image:

To Change The Size Of The Image:

Each increment is a pixel and the smaller you make the image the faster it loads.

To Change The Alignment Of The Image:

Use left, right or center.

To Add An Email Graphic Link:

To Add A Break In The Text:

To Create Numbered Lists:

  1. item one
  2. item two
  3. item three

To Create Bullet Lists:

  • item one
  • item two
  • item three

Use these HTML codes to begin the work you need to accomplish on the Internet. Be creative and try to include color, graphics, italics and bold where it is appropriate. Always make sure that the links you are including are up to date and your viewers will thank you for it.