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This is a relatively new scam that the Federal Trade Commission is investigating and cracking down on in several parts of the country. Unscrupulous Internet web site service providers are adding additional charges onto companies' monthly Internet and phone bills for services they didn't agree to or originally were told were free. These fees were never authorized by businesses. In some cases it might be the case of sales people misrepresenting the services, but either way, it's a scam. You don't have to stand for it. Here are some tips.

• Don't pay for services you didn't order or agree to pay.
• Carefully check out your phone bills, Internet service bills, web site hosting bills, and etc. Make sure every item listed is an item you requested and used.
• Return the bill and circle the items you didn't request. Attach a brief letter outlining why you're not paying it.
• Train your staff to understand what to look for in purchases, especially those who directly handle the bills for your company. Make sure it's completely clear to them what services you've ordered and which you haven't so they can clearly decide whether you've been crammed.
• Teach your staff your philosophy about telemarketers and how you want them to respond to them. If you do get a call from a telemarketer, either tell them you don't agree to services as such over the phone and they should send you some materials in the mail, or ask them to put you on their "Do Not Call" list. These companies are legally obligated to not call you after a couple months time from the date you request this.
• To avoid being crammed, buy and do business only with companies you trust and know well. These are the people who will be completely fair with you.