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College can be one of the best times of your life as long as you take some responsibility and keep in mind the number one reason you are in college. These tips will help you through your first year in a new and unfamiliar environment.
-You must make sure that you go to your classes. It is very tempting to skip and miss class on a regular basis. It is a terrible habit to get into, but very easy because of the lack of supervision. If you do not attend class you will not know the lecture material.
-Try to avoid scheduling eight in the morning classes. These classes are extremely hard to attend no matter how much of a morning person you think you are. You will most likely end up sleeping through these classes.
-Attend as many of your supplemtal instruction classes as possible. Many of the teacher assistants teach better than the professors do. They can be very helpful when you are confused with difficult and detailed information.
-Try not to over load classes the first year. Push yourself, but do not take excessive amounts of classes just to complete more hours of credit. You need to make sure that you will be able to adjust to your new environment before you attempt to conquer more than fifteen hours of school.
-Be prepared to study and teach yourself a lot more of the information. In high school the teachers teach, in college the professors lecture. This is the biggest adjustment that students have to make. There is a lot more work that must be completed on your own.
-Make sure you do not get behind. When you begin to procrastinate reading and other homework assignments they will begin to dogpile really, really quickly.
-Try to live on campus in a dorm your first year. Doing this will allow you to meet a lot of new people. Dorm life is really not that bad, and it will be an experience that you will not forget.
Going to college is a major change in your life, but if you follow these tips and keep in mind that you are there to learn and have fun you will be very happy. Work hard and enjoy your first year in your new environment.