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While at college, it is a fact that we do not want, have the time, or even have the money to make excellent, home-cooked style meals. In this article you will learn how you can save money and still eat healthy and enjoyable meals while at college. Try these meals and see how they fit into your budget.
-The most famous of all meals for college students must be Ramen. These flavored noodles come in a square block for about seven to twenty cents per package. At this price every college student must have some flavor of Ramen noodles in their pantry at all times. They come in a very wide variety of flavors, ranging from chicken noodle to shrimp. Try as many flavors as you please, or just find one that you can not resist.
-The next meal is called rotel. Rotel is a cheese and meat dip. It is a mexican dip and is excellent served with tortilla chips. The ingredients for rotel include: one pound mild mexican velveta, one can cream of mushroom soup, one thirty-two ounce can diced tomatoes, one-half cup frozen chopped onions, three-fourth pound of ground chuck or ground round meat. Then to make rotel you will need to start by cooking the hamburger on medium setting until it is brown. Add the onions to the hamburger and cook them together. Drain the greese from the pan after the hamburger is brown. Once the greese is drained add the diced tomatoes to the hamburger and onions. Once all of that is mixed then you will need to melt the velveta by microwing it with the cream of mushroom soup for six minutes. The final step is to mix all of the ingredients together and amazingly you will have made a very generous amount of rotel. Rotel is a great dip to have around for a snack or a main meal.
Keep these meals in mind for when you are hungry next time at college.