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Dorm life can be an excellent experience as long as you have enough to do. Sometimes finding things to do and trying to keep yourself occupied is a difficult task to accomplish, but after you have read these tricks and games your time spent in the dorm will never be the same.
-At the beginning of the year, a good way to meet a large number of people living in your dorm is to go around and act like a welcoming committee. Take your roommate, and go around from room to room introducing each of you to other people on your floor and throughout the building. As you go around, most likely you will start acquiring a very large crowd. This is a great way to meet a lot of people very quickly.
-Cards is another great way to keep you and other friends occupied. Either playing games for fun or games similar to poker, you can keep yourself and friends occupied for hours. Getting to know people is made easy through this activity and you can also make quite a bit of money.
-Boardgames can be extremely fun also for the college freshmen living in a dorm. Try playing trivial pursuit. It is a difficult game that will challenge your knowledge in different areas.
-Small pranks on other rooms can also help pass the time. Try leaning a cup of water against the door of your next door neighbor. When he opens the door, watch the cup of water fall and spill into his room.
These games and tricks will help you stay occupied in your free time, but you must still remember that the main reason you are in college is to get a degree. Have fun and I hope you enjoy your life in the dorm.