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Staying thin while in college can be a nightmare for anyone. The "Freshman fifteen" is a complete reality. no matter how thin you may be now, you will gain weight once you get to college. If you follow a few simple rules, you can keep your weight gain to a minimum and keep yourself happy.
The first issue is the dreaded dorm cafeterias. Just because they may be all-you-can-eat, do not translate this into eating eveything in sight. Eat reasonable well-balanced meals. For whatever carbohydrates you eat, try to eat the same amount of vegetables and protein. By keeping things balanced in this way you will fill up much faster and keep healthier in the long run.
A second key issue to is drink water! Keeping a water bottle with you all the time will prevent you from getting dehydrated and will make you less hungry come meal time. Also, water helps break down fat stored in your body so you can lose weight.
Finally, lay off the late-night snacking. Just because a pizza place down the street delivers til 3 AM, it really does not mean your body needs pizza at 3 AM. The weight from these late-night eating sessions packs right onto your body.
Keeping thin in college is simply eating smartly combined with a regular exercise schedule. Use your brain and follow these guidelines and you'll have no trouble staying thin!