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The world has changed as it has entered the 21st century. The skills corporations want students to learn in college has also changed. These changes make choosing the right major so important when thinking of your post-university aspirations.

When picking your major, the biggest factor needs to deal with how in-demand your major will be. If you get a Liberal Arts degree, there are many people who possess the same skills that you do. Therefore popular majors like philosophy, economics, and political science can leave a college student with few options upon leaving the university.

Business majors are in demand. Finance and Accounting majors have become very popular among firms, and than most other majors. Business majors learn how to work as groups and how to work with numbers, making them ideal to corporations.

Computer Science majors have the most demand of any major previously mentioned. These majors learn important programming skills and computer languages; these skills and languages provide the students with the most useful tool of the 21st century as computers have already started to change the world with the onset of dot com companies and the globalization of major firms.

An MIS degree, or Management Information Systems, provides a combination of a computer science and business degree. The degree enables those with aspirations in the business world to get an advantage over other business students, due to their computer background. This advantage can go far in securing a high paying job.

Any degree can be useful if the student takes advantage of his or her opportunities. The goal of this paper is to suggest what degrees have the most potential to lead a student into the 21st century.