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During the early years of the world, people talked to others by using sign language. Through body movements and expressions on their faces,they were able to communicate. A long time passed and they were able to develop a form of spoken language, which made them communicate clearer and understand each other beter.

Together with the development of a spoken language, the people first talked by means of a chant. They usually did this while doing their everyday routine of work such as grinding corn or paddling a canoe. The first person usually tells and boasts of his accomplishments or things he had done that makes him unique from the rest of the tribe. An example was the Innuit chant. This usually takes form in the stories that a primitive hunter did while hunting.

In Southern Brazil, the Tapuya hunters gather around the fire in the center of the kraal, a village of huts, after a day's work. By this time, a spokesperson for the hunters narrates to the whole group what they did for the day by chanting it.

A certain tribe in Eastern Sudan known as the Dinkas recites chants after celebrating a feast for the purpose of reminding their tribesmen who really deserve to get credit for the job and the quarry.