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Like any sport, success at competitive tennis requires strength and endurance. But surprisingly, a few easy exercises that you can do around the house can do wonders for your tennis game. While working out and lifting weights in a gym can help you in any sport, there are key muscles particular to tennis that can be worked out without fancy equipment and costly helath club membership fees.

Strength in the hands, wrists and forearms are essential to good tennis. One way to improve this strength is by squeezing a stress ball, or even a tennis ball, in your hand. (If you use a tennis ball, it is easier if you pop it first. Use any sharp, pointy object.) Just squeeze repeatedly for 5 or ten minutes two or three times a day, and strength will come. This exercise also has a wonderful side effect: it helps to prevent tennis elbow. And if anything can hurt your tennis game, it's tennis elbow.

An exercise to strengthen your wrist or shoulders can be done using surgical tubing, or a pair of old suspenders if you are desperate. Tie one end to a stationary object. Then, hold the other end in one hand and stretch to the desired tension. Remaining stationary, move your wrist or entire arm (depending on whether you want to exercise the wrist or shoulder) against the tension, returning to the original position after each repetition. Try to increase tension and number of repetitions as you do the exercise a few times a week.

Other essential areas of strength for the tennis player are the calf and ankle. Both provide the explosive footwork that is necessary for tennis. All you need to exercise these is a step. Simple find a step and position your toes on the step with your heel hanging off into the air. The less of your foot is on the step, the more difficult (and beneficial) the exercise will be. Once you are in position, simply do toe raises for about 30 repetitions. You may want to break this up into 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Do this exercise about 3 times a week, and avoid consecutive days.

These exercises will help get key areas of your body ready for the tennis success that you've always wanted.