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Sure, you’re a swimmer who’s comfortable in the water, but is your swimming technique as efficient as it should be? Here is a list of some swimming techniques that may sound new to you, but promise to make you a better swimmer.

· Faster strokes don’t necessarily make you the fastest swimmer. The world’s quickest swimmers actually use fewer strokes to move their bodies. The key is to make each stroke more effective.
· Imagine a cargo ship that is weighed down entirely on one end of the boat. The drag that is caused by the sinking end of the ship will force the boat to travel much slower. By balancing how your body sinks in the water, you can help eliminate a similar drag. Practice pushing your chest deeper into the water when you swim. If you can sink your chest to the same depth as your legs and torso, your body will glide with much less resistance.
· Boats that are longer glide much better than shorter ships. You can make your body longer by stretching out your arms when you swim. You’ll notice that great swimmers always seem to have their arms in front of their shoulders. Here, the correct stroke technique is to reach your arm forward as your hand pushes into the water. Avoid pushing your hands downward and back towards your hips. Try to push each stroke as if you’re reaching for the edge of the pool, keeping your arms extended for as long as possible.
· Finally, make your body glide narrow like a canoe. As you swim, roll your body so that you actually glide on your sides. This technique does not feel natural, but by making your body a narrow sliver in the water you will glide much more efficiently.