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Blackpowder hunting is very exciting and takes a lot of skill. A hunter that really wants to test their hunting abilities needs to try hunting with a blackpowder rifle. Hunting with a blackpowder rifle or muzzleloader carries you back in time to the frontier days. It makes you understand how our ancestors had to hunt for their food.

Hunting with a blackpowder rifle is a lot more challenging than hunting with a high power rifle. Here are a few tips to make your blackpowder experience as safe and fun as possible.

1. If you are going to big game hunt I suggest you purchase a .50 or .54 caliber muzzleloader. To me, either one of these makes a wonderful choice.

2. Practice loading and shooting your rifle before you go into the woods. Loading a muzzleloader takes a considerable amount of time compared to a modern rifle. When loading always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction.

3. Practice shooting your rifle. If you don't plan on using a scope you will need to learn how much different a muzzleloader shoots compared to a high power rifle.

4. When hunting you will have to try to get closer to the game. A muzzleloader will not shoot as accurately as a high power rifle. Don't take any foolish shots, because remember you only have one with a muzzleloader.

5. Always clean you muzzleloader inside and out after each use. A muzzleloader will rust easily if you do not give it a thorough cleaning.

6. Try to avoid getting your powder damp when hunting. This may cause a misfire. This wouldn't be good especially if you had a trophy buck in your sights.

I hope that this article was helpful for any one wishing to give blackpowder hunting a try. It will test your skills and ability as a hunter more than any other hunting with a firearm. If you think you are up to the challenges of blackpowder hunting, I wish you all of the luck. Sometimes luck is the best thing to have.