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There are two ways to have your fishing reel filled with new line. One, you can go
to your local fishing tackle store and have the reel filled on a line winding machine.
It pays to learn how to fill the reel yourself as most line problems occur at the
lakeside, miles from the nearest winder.

The following are steps to filling a level wind or bait caster reel. When filling any
reel always keep light tension on the fishing line. Do this by holding the line
between the thumb and forefinger of your free hand.

1- Insert a pencil into the supply spool hole. When held by another person or held
by a vice the spool spins freely. This allows the fishing line to feed smoothly off the

2- Always take the line from the top of the spool, not the bottom. By taking the line
off the top of the spool it goes on the reel the same way it came off the spool.

3- Have someone hold each end of the pencil while you turn the reel handle. The
person holding the pencil should exert a slight pressure on the spool to keep proper
tension on the line. The way to exert pressure is to push slightly against the sides
of the spool.