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Turtles are some of the easiest pets to care for, in general. Unlike a dog, for instance, they do not require a large back yard to run in. Turtles don’t need a lot of room or lot of toys. Basically, they require only adequate housing and food and water. If you understand the needs of the particular turtle you are looking to get and know that you can cater to those needs, you should have no problem owning a pet turtle.

What are best types turtles for pets?

Obviously, some turtles will make better pets than others. As far as aquatic turtles are concerned, mud and musk turtles make the best pets. They require a tank with water and warmed platforms. It is a good idea to have plants and small caves which they can hide in. The platform can be anything, but a rock under a warm light works the best. You can even put friendly fish and other aquatic life in with them. Spotted and wood turtles are primarily pond turtles. They can be housed in a bigger aquarium with areas of land to bask on. They also like warmed areas to lie on.

It has long been believed that the best land turtle to have as a pet is the box turtle. They can live happily in a twenty gallon tank with some soil flooring and a few plants. They require water and some vegetables to munch on. Any other need associated with a box can be found at the pet store or grocery store. Once a box turtle gets used to its surroundings, it is a lot of fun. They stop hiding back in their shells and become quite friendly. If you can, house your box turtle outside. A pen made of chicken wire can be used to house them. You will notice that the box turtle enjoys burrowing. They will be happiest outside.

What turtles should you avoid?

Not so much that you should avoid them, but rather you should think twice before trying to domesticate these types. They require a lot more attention and work.

Alligator snapping turtles are somewhat dangerous for someone not educated in handling them. Their name does not lie, they do bite and quite hard at that. In addition, they require live foods. This can be quite expensive.

Leaf turtles are one of those species that require a lot of attention and care to survive in captivity. They usually do not do well out of the wild. They become quite stressed and sometimes do not survive. Leaf turtles have a variety of food requirements and temperature requirements. Experts should only try to house a leaf turtle since so much knowledge and time is required and making these animals happy.