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Despite the stereotypes surrounding turtles as being slow, languid creatures, just the opposite is true. Turtles, at least most, are quite active and speedy creatures. Taking this into consideration, you will want
to create a home for your turtle that caters to it's particular needs and likes.

Aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles.
There are different types of turtles; each type of turtle is either aquatic, semi-semi aquatic or both. This is something you will need to determine before setting up a home for your turtle.
Aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles need huge water areas to swim around in. They also enjoy digging and burrowing at the bottom of the lake or pond bed.
Be sure that there is enough dirt bedding at the bottom of the tank to accommodate this behavior. Semi-aquatic turtles will need a significant portion of land area in which to bask or walk around on. Even aquatic turtles will need a platform to get bask as well.

Land-dwelling turtles.
There are two ways to go about housing a land-dwelling turtle. You can either house them outside or inside in a tank. If you decide to house them outside, you need to make sure that they can not dig underneath the
enclosure. One way to house your turtle outside is to make a chicken wire fence around it's area. Again, you will want to embed the wire deep enough in the ground so they cannot escape. Also you may want to include a shallow
pool of water for them to drink out of and play in. Last and probably most importantly, provide them with constant shade.
If you house them inside, you will need at least a twenty gallon tank. Keep it damp and warm. For the flooring you can you use newspaper or thick carpeting but, remember that turtles like to dig so you may want to use soil as flooring. Other than that, remember to keep them out of direct sunlight and take them outside for exercise.