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When a male snake is ready to mate, he'll try to get the female's attention. Males are attracted to the "new" skin of snakes. They like the fresh smell. They will nudge the females' backs with their chins and maybe lick them with their tongues in an effort to let the females know. He might also try riding on her back while she crawls along. Females are less obvious when they are ready to mate.


When your snakes are having sex, you will see them curl up together and literally tie themselves together in a knot.

If you happen to be watching your snakes during this process, you won't know exactly when they're copulating. One of the main differences between the way snakes and humans have sex is that snakes don't have to move during copulation. Female snakes have tiny reproductive organs lining their bodies; males have slight protrusions that can fit inside the females' cloaca.

How do you get your snakes in the mood for sex?

If you want your snakes to breed, there are some steps you can take to try and improve the odds.

*Find out what temperature your snakes' species requires. Make sure they live at the proper temperatures and humidity levels.

*Separate your snakes. Many times snakes don't want to mate with a snake they have spent so much time with. Even better, join an area snake club. Find another snake owner with sexually mature snakes, and ask to borrow one for awhile.

*Keep your snakes thin. Fat snakes often aren't interested in sex.

Do female snakes need a male in order to reproduce?

Believe it or not, there are some species of female snakes that have the ability to reproduce without male involvement. These species include the Brahminy blind snakes, the timber rattlesnake and the wandering garter snake. This phenomenon doesn't happen in all female snakes of these species, but it is possible.