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Most people who have skunks as pets own pen-raised/domesticated skunks. These animals can be just as good a friend to you as a dog, for example. However, skunks are not for
everyone. There is a commitment involved, like any other animal. It takes a person with patience and time and love to care for these wonderfully unusual creatures. Here is a rundown of some answers to questions you may have about skunks.

Do They Stink?
No. Pen-raised skunks are descented at about four months of age, before you take them home. Almost every skunk you would find for sale should be descented. It isn't anything to worry about.

What do they eat?
Skunks enjoy a varied diet. It should consist of vegetables, low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit, graham crackers and low sugar cereal. In some cases, it is good to incorporate a handful of Purina One or Pro Plan adult dog food.

Can They Be Housebroken?
Yes. Skunks are naturally corner trained. If you let the skunk pick a corner and you place a litter box there, they will automatically go there.

Do They need vaccinations?
Most vets recommend that you give them the same vaccines that you would give to a dog or cat. They will most definitely need the rabies vaccination, if nothing else.

Do They Need Spayed or Neutered?
Absolutely. At about four months they need to be "fixed". The breeding farm does not do this so will most likely have to. Because of their breeding cycles, not being "fixed' causes skunks of both sexes much pain and/or discomfort, which will inevitably result in an aggressive skunk.

Skunks are pets for a certain type of person. Just as some people tend to be cat people, others prefer dogs or fish. It depends on the person. But if you are up to the task, consider these furry little creatures.