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All vets were not created equal. It is imperative for
the well being of you pet to carefully evaulate the
training and the quality of the vet you bring your pet
to. Rodents are especially diffcult. If you have many
different kinds of rodents remember that the vet you
bring your ferret to may not be the appropriate vet
for your mouse.
Always check the vets references and ask plenty of
questions. Ask people with the same kind of pet where they
take them and if they are satisified with the service. Spend some time researching your pet and ask the vet
these questions. Since you already know the answers you can double check on the vets knowledge. Do not choose a vet based on convience. Just because one vet is closer they might not be a suitable choice. If they are lacking in knowledge about your pet you will be wasting your money. After selecting you vet, insist on watching him/her handle the animal. When you see how they interact you'll be able to evaluate their practice. Is the vet comfortable with your pet? Is the pet at ease with the vet? These are important questions to keep in mind. Find a vet whose hours fit into your schedule. If the animal happens to get sick
at night you do not want to be rushing around searching for an open practice. Upon your first visit inquire about the after hour emergency service.
A good vet is invaluable. Once you select one be a
loyal customer so your pet can become comfortable with
the vet. Remember a healthly pet is a happy pet.