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The rage for getting a reptile has increased over the past few years. But before you run out and buy a reptile for a pet, remember that they are very dependent. They are not like dogs and cats who can take care of themselves. Reptiles require much time and energy.
The first thing to consider before purchasing a reptile is the cost. If you buy a second-hand reptile for $20, remember that is only a fraction of the costs that you will accrue over the next few years. Since reptiles are used to a unique environment like a forest, desert, or river, creating a home for you pet could cost hundreds in itself. To keep you pet happy you should try to mimic the natural environment they would inhabit.
The next factor is food. Reptiles do not eat pellets like dogs and cats. Their food is more costly and hard to find in some areas. Also, some require live food like mice which create the responsibility of caring for the mouse until you feed it to the reptile. Also consider where you'll be getting your food suply- does the local pet store have fresh or frozen mice?
Reptiles require maintaining certain temperatures in order to keep them happy and healthy. Temperature graident regulators can be expensive and hard to find. Make sure you talk to somebody who has reptile before you buy one.
Finally ask yourself if this is a passing phase. Will you lose interest in your reptile? Will your significant other be repulsed by it and lose interest in you? Make sure to consider all elements before purchasing a reptile.