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If you have decided that you want to breed your reptile there a few things
to consider. For instance, you want your pet’s mate to be of good genes,
one that will improve the bloodline of your animal. You also need to know
what gender your reptile is. When you know what sex your pet is, it is time
to find it a mate.

How do you know if your reptile is a boy or a girl?
One indicator of gender is color. Males tend to be more vibrant in color
than females. This is associated with the mating process. Determining
gender is easier in a lizard than it is in a snake. For lizards, you tell a
male by a longer, thinner tail. You probably want to go to a veterinarian
to be absolutely certain of its gender. Then again, you could always get
what is called a sexing probe. This is basically a metal probe that you
insert into your reptiles genital hole. You will know a male by how far the
probe goes into the hole.

How do you find your reptile a good mate?
Once you know the gender of your reptile, it time to find a desirable mate.
Now obviously you realize that in the wild these animals find their mates
on their own. However, in captivity they do not have this luxury. This is
where you come in. But you may be asking yourself, ‘where can I find a good
mate for my reptile?’. If so, here are a few tips for finding a suitable
mate for your little friend.
Join a local reptile group. On top of educating yourself on reptiles
further, you will meet other reptile owners who are looking for a mate for
their reptile.
You could ask your vet or the local pet stores if they know of any reptiles
that are looking to breed. Some of the reptiles of your pet’s species may
be ready to mate. Maybe they will use your reptile. Many people also
consult the vet, if your vet has a lead on a potential mate he will likely
let you in on it.
Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t rush into anything. Make certain
that the reptile you plan to mate your’s with is of the same species. Many
species may look similar. The strongest offspring come of same species