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My family has enjoyed raising a variety of frogs over the years. We have found it to be an easy and inexpensive way to bring a little bit of nature inside. The first frogs that we had were Tree frogs. These are the little frogs that have suction cups on their feet and stay mostly on the side of the tanks or in the foliage. They are not too large so you can safely have two frogs per each five gallon tank. Of course the larger the tank the more frogs you can have. We liked the 10 gallon size the best and had four frogs. To start your habitat you need to have some peat moss for the flooring. This can be purchased in any garden center. About and inch or two is plenty. We found that silk aquarium plants worked very well to provide foliage and needed no upkeep. The frogs like to hide in the foliage so some plants with colors other than just green were good to use. We then put in a bowl to fill with declorinated water. The frogs enjoyed taking a dip now and then. Do not use metal as it is harmful for the frogs. Each day we would spray the tank with declorinated water. This type of frog does very well with a diet of crickets. At the pet store you can buy some calsium powder to pour on the crickets for healthier frogs. During the night time we used a nightglow light for warmth and to watch the frog activity as they are nocturnal creatures. Our second frogs were African Firebellies. These were a bit more difficult but still not too complicated. For these frogs your tank needs to be at least a 10 gallon. They cannot survive without water to actually swim in. We put peatmoss in one half of the tank, then built a barracade in the middle and put water and gravel on the other side. An underwater pump is nice to keep the water from getting stagnant and smelly but is not an absolute necessity. We used rocks to build our wall. Be sure if you use rocks from outside to boil them first to kill any critters they may be carrying. The same frogs per area applies with these. They like to eat crickets also, and can be fed small feeder fish that can be purchased at your pet store very inexpensively. Our next frog was quite an adventure. We started with two tadpoles in a 10 gallon tank. These tads eventually grew into bullfrogs. They started out in full water but as they grow into frogs the water has to be removed completely from the tank and replaced with peatmoss. Always remember to declorinate your water. These guys ate small fish and crickets also. As they transformed into frogs we also made them a two sided tank. eventually they grew so large that we decided to let them go. Every now and then we hear some serious croaking going on and we are all sure that it is our pals living it up in our garden. All of these can be purchased at the pet store for under $10.