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Howler monkeys, from the family of Cebidae, are found in the jungles of South and Central America.
They are best known for their loud roar, that can be heard up to three miles away.
The howler is the largest and heaviest of the cebids, or New World monkeys.They can grow up to 2 to 4 feet tall and can weigh from 8 to 22 pounds.
The male Howler are brown to black, the females are usually lighter as well as the young. They have a long tail, a short snout and wide-set, round nostrils.
The best known species, the Red-Howler, is metallic red and has a black face,feet, and hands. The black face is bearded with long black hair in the adult.The body and tail are covered in thick fur except for the underside of the last
third of the tail, which is bare and rough for gaining a firm support when the monkey swings from limb to limb.
Like us, they have five toes on each foot and they have fingernails and toenails.
Each group, or family, uses its loud voice to lay claim and fight off others from their territory, which can range from three to twenty five acres.
Howler monkeys live in families of between 4 and 40 members, usually led by a powerful male. Each family, or troop, has its own territory which depends on the size of the family.
Howler monkeys are vegetarians. They eat flowers, fruits, and nuts,occasionally they will eat maggots. They spend most of their time in the forest canopy where they have few enemies.
Howlers can be found along the Belize River in the Rain Forest. The howlers are an important part of the jungle, as they eat fruit and nuts , because they take the seeds from the fruits and carry them all over the jungle.
They are helping to save the Rain Forest.
Howler monkeys are hunted for their meat, so when they are gone, many of the trees and plants may disappear from the rain forest.
These monkeys have to be protected from hunters, if we want them and the rain forest to survive as we know it today.