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Get your animal an agent. Like other models, he needs an agent to get a commercial job. In bigger cities, there are animal talent agencies. In smaller cities animal trainers are usually the contact for commercial producers.

What agents look for: Agents look for a well trained animal that photographs well, a puppy who can follow instructions, and an animal that is a fast learner, so it is important to train your puppy properly, before you bring it to an agent. All at minimum, dogs should respond to basic obedient commands: Sit, down, and most important, stay. It is important for your puppy to learn these techniques. It is impossible for an animal who has not been trained to stay still while been photograph, and most agents are not patient enough to train your dog for you.

Prepare your pet with a test many agents use. Make him stay in a busy corridor where there are many distractions. ( The set for a commercial shoot is a noisy, bustling place.) If your dog fears noise or he is afraid of being in a crowded place, then this may not be a good idea to put him in a commercial.

Other important tricks: Fetching and carrying a product gently by mouth and "speaking" on command. If your puppy can do these little tricks, then it means that they are trained.

For pet-food commercials, a healthy indiscriminate appetite is essential. Few ads are completed on the first take, so the animal may have to eat several times.

If you have a cat that does tricks, you may have an advantage because trained cats are rare. A cat is more likely to be choosen in TV commercials than dog, or puppies, since there are less cats on commercials than puppies.

To audition your pet, make an appointment for an interview. Take along pictures. Color snapshots are fine if they are clear and show the animal close up, at eye level. Bring a resume that includes the pet's vital statistics, its training and special tricks, and your phone number.