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Worried about your dog barking or allowing your cat to get outside without cutting a hole in the door? Want to keep your dog out of your garden? Read on for some great products that will help solve these problems.

You can buy a pet screen for your windows. It will involve cutting a hole in the window screen, but it's a lot less expensive to replace the screen than it is to replace a door! The screen fits onto your current window screen and has a swinging screen door so your cat can come and go at will. This product works great and only takes about five minutes to install!

If your neighbors complain about your dog barking, you can buy a collar that emits a sound or sprays the dog with a harmless chemical whenever it barks. It works very well in controlling barking dogs. You can't leave it on all the time, though. Just put it on when your dog is outside or barking uncontrollably inside.

There are many new natural products to help prevent fleas. Using these products helps the environment and still controls fleas. If you have eucalyptus trees in your area, you can put the pods behind sofas and so forth. Fleas don't like eucalyptus at all!

Putting a hot wire around your garden or on the fence is a very simple task. You can use these wires for a small or large space to keep dogs and deer from trampling your plants.

Take a stroll through your favorite pet store to find other exciting new products for your pets! You'll be glad you did.