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Dogs and cats have become a part of the average American family today, bringing with them the joy of a trusted friend. For their safety, many are kept inside the home which creates animal odors that are difficult to remove. There are several simple steps you can take to keep these unpleasant odors at a minimum. To begin you should establish a permanent sleeping area for your pet. Once established, the bedding should be washed regularly. If you pet has been previously sleeping on carpeted areas, scatter baking soda or a good carpet deodorizer on these areas and vacuum well.

One of the best way to avoid some animal odors is to always keep your pet well groomed. Many of the odors coming from an animal are those picked up outside the home and these can be easily eliminated by bathing or brushing your pet. Once your pet is clean, if extra strong odors still persist it is wise to consult your veterinarian. Some pet odors can be caused by a skin disorder called seborrhea and ear infections. In mild cases seborrhea can be controlled with a human dandruff shampoo but in most cases you will need a good medicated animal shampoo. Dogs with extra strong odors could have an impaction of the anal glands. This problem can be detected by watching your dog to see if any abnormal biting, licking at the rear end or scooting is occurring. Both this and any ear infection will require professional help.

To keep your pet's breath smelling good give rawhide bones to your dog to chew on. For cats you will want to occasionally feed them crunchy foods. This tends to keep the deposits on their teeth from forming or worn down to a minimum. Although many people do not see the necessity, it is a good idea to brush your animals' teeth. Always use a soft brush or square of gauze wrapped around your finger when doing this to protect their gums. You can use toothpaste or baking soda when doing this but be sure to clean carefully along the gum line.

When cleaning up animal messes in your home be sure to blot the area after the mess is removed. Next you should apply ammonia, vinegar or lemon juice to remove the stain and then thoroughly wash the area with soap and water to eliminate the odor. There are many products on the market today that when applied to a mess stain will not only remove the stain but will also neutralize the odor. It is very difficult at times to train your pet not to go back to an area where they have messed. As a last resort the area can be sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Even though this will do no permanent damage to your pet, it will quickly teach them not to return to that area by creating a burning sensation in their nose. If your pet becomes the victim of skunk spray, this order can be removed by rubbing ketchup or tomato juice into its coat. When it begins to darken bathe your pet. You may need to do this several times to entirely remove the odor. It is safe to remove this type of odor from your pet by using Massengill douche power and water. Mix according to the package instructions and pour over your pet. Allow to set for about a minute and the thoroughly bathe the animal. If the spray has effected your pets eyes, flush them with water and allow a veterinarian to see them as quickly as possible.