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The bad news? The dog needed to go to the vet.
The good news? He'll be long as you feed him a pill every day.

That can be bad news, too, though. Some dogs and cats don't exactly relish the idea of taking medicine. Especially not those big pills the vet sometimes has to hand out. But it doesn't necessarily have to be THAT difficult.

If you can wrap the pill in a bit of canned food or a piece of cheese, the animal might swallow it whole. Problem solved. However, if your pet is smart, like mine, it will separate the good stuff from the medicine and..aack!!..back out it comes.

Next time you have a problem getting Fido or Fifi to take their pill, try kneeling down in front of the animal, then tilting it's head back a bit. Open the mouth, drop the pill as far back as you can, close it's mouth and immediately blow on the dog's face. The sensation should force the animal to make a swallowing motion. At the same time, gently rub the animal's throat to help it swallow the tablet or capsule. Praise the animal repeatedly and you should have a happy, healthier pet and a less stressful you!