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Owning a pet can be quite a responsibility. There are veterinarian visits, food, toys etc. You also never know what type of training your pet might need or what things might come across the way to harm or injure your pet. So why bother? For many reasons: companionship, love, fun, responsibility and perhaps a better sense of self and improved health along the way.

Owning a pet can lower a person's blood pressure. They can relax you by watching them play or stroking their fur. They can decrease the recuperation time of sick patients by giving them something to ease their pain and to look forward to. Pets are now often brought in to children’s hospitals and elderly homes to boost moral.

Pets can definitely improve ones mental attitude as well. Depressed persons given an animal to care for are given a new outlook on life. They have someone who depends on them and needs them and best of all, gives them unconditional love. Perhaps pet ownership is not a cure for depression but it can be a great elixir. They give you a reason to smile and care, a reason to get out of bed in the morning and a friend to share secrets with who will never tell. Watching playful pets can give you a great mood boost after a hard day and make you smile and laugh. If you long for someone to take care of and to be loved by they can fill that need as well. They can help you get exercise and play with you as well. It is a proven fact that pet owners live longer than non-pet owners. Pets are very intuitive and can therefore sense your moods and therefore give you exactly what you need at the time you need it. By all means I am not suggesting that pets are an end-all cure. Getting therapy when needed and interacting with friends and family are what a person needs to exist as well. I am just saying that pet ownership can indeed be a great help. Just spend some time with a furry little one and you will see the great boost it will give you. And if you are allergic to fur then there are many other creatures out there that can serve your needs as well. Just do a little investigating and find out for yourself! Pets can be the key to a long and healthy life. For both of you!!