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Dogs are not known for their fresh smell coats. Why is this? Here are some easy tips on keeping you dog from smelling like a pig. Why do dogs have such a distinct odor?
The three most common reasons are oily skin; bacteria or yeast on the skin or the dog came in contact with the source of a pungent odor. Some dog's skin produce more oil than other and these can build up and produce a rancid odor. This is common in spaniels and is called primary seborrhea. Symptoms include yellowish-brown scales on the elbows, hocks and near the ears.
Bacteria and yeast can cause more odors than oily skin. If untreated these can lead to hair loss, itching and hot spots. If treated you can avoid these effects.
Most commonly, the dog got into something foul. The quickest way to treat this is to bathe the dog immediately. If bathing is ineffective, it could be the symptom of something more serious, like an ear or mouth infection. Dogs with floppy ears should have their ears cleaned weekly.
Use a medicated shampoo made form tar coal extracts when washing your dog. Do not use shampoo designed for humans, these can contain harsh ingredients that can damage your dogs coat and skin. Leave the shampoo on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. It is also a good idea to brush the dog's fur before bathing it to strip the excess hair from the dog.