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Did you know that parrots love people food? Many folks think that birds only eat seed. Not true! Parrots and other pet birds love to sample our food, and there are many foods that are safe and nutritious to share with them. Polly definitely wants more than a cracker!

For instance, did you realize that most birds adore peanut butter? It's easy to provide a peanut butter snack by placing a bit on a cracker or a celery stick. They also enjoy peanut butter sandwiches. Simply prepare a regular sandwich, then cut it into sections. Give your bird a section and watch him tear into the treat!

Fruit slices and vegetables chunks are another big hit with our feathered companions. Apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, almost any fruit you can name can be shared with your birds. They will also chow down on broccoli, celery sticks, cauliflower, green peppers, beans of any kind, and peas. However, never under any circumstances give your birds avocado! This vegetable is very toxic to their systems.

Pizza is another avian favorite. Just make sure it's cool before you hand it over to the anxiously waiting parrot. They also enjoy pasta, scrambled eggs, toast, rice, pancakes, crackers, and the occasional bit of ice cream. Actually, they like almost anything they see us eating! Important note: A food to avoid at all costs is chocolate. This is another food item (besides avocado) that is toxic to a bird's system and can cause illness, or in extreme cases, death.

Now that you know that people food is good for birds, too, set a place at the table for your feathered friends next time you sit down to a meal. Their table manners may leave a bit to be desired, and you may find birdie tracks in the mashed potatoes, but remember how much fun they're having, and that it's good for them!