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If you’ve been thinking about adopting a cat from the animal shelter, here are some tips to help you make the process easier.
1. Budgeting
When you adopt a cat, you’ll be expected to pay the cost of spaying or neutering. With administrative fees, this can run from $35-$70.00, depending on where you live.
You’ll also have to take your new pet to your vet for shots, exams, and periodic checking for disease. Annual veterinarian costs will cost between $100-$300.
You’ll also need to buy food and litter, as well as a litter pan and scoop. You can spend between $15-$100 on these initial expenses.
Finally, your cat’s food and litter will run between $10.00-$40.00 per month, depending on what you feed it. It’s best to give cats a combination of dry and wet foods.
2. Characteristics
You can tell a lot about an animal just by watching it. Is it playful, gentle, or does it seem slower than the other cats in the cages?
3. Consider an Adult Cat
Adult cats already have their personalities. You can see exactly what your new cat will be like. Adult cats will have no trouble adopting to your home, and they are just as quick to give affection as kittens. Finally, adult cats are often overlooked because people want kittens. Just remember you’ll be saving a life if you choose an adult cat.
Most cats are very affectionate, but they’re much more independent than dogs. If you travel and want to save kennel costs, you can leave your cat at home for a few days with no ill consequences. Finally, enjoy your new animal.