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My family and I have raised our dog named Snowball for six years before he came down with the disease called Heartworms. We took this particular dog off the street because his owner was treating him badly. We were unsure of any preventative treatments that he had already had, so we didn't treat him to prevent any kinds of diseases. This is where we made our mistake.

I suppose we were lucky enough to have him for six years without him getting sick. He was a pure white German Sheppard, beautiful male dog. His owner before us was a Police Officer, but he treated Snowball very bad, so oneday, one of my Daughters had decided to bring him home, and I started taking care of him, from then on. The police officer found out that my daughter had taken his dog about one week later, and told her that she could keep him, for he was really tired of the dog. So we kept him, and snowball was a very smart dog, he knew how to push doors open, to come inside, he was very intelligent.

Six years later, after we moved to Florida, he came down with Heartworms. The Veterinarian says that the dog caught Heartworms when he was bitten by an infected mosquito. The only way to save him, was to treat him very cautiously. The veterinarian first took X-rays of his lungs to see how far the disease had already progressed. Then after this, the vet explained to me that his lungs were very bad off. So before the vet could treat him for the heartworm disease, she had to treat his lungs first, with a lot of antibiotics, which were 500mg each, 3 times per day, for one full month. Then I was to bring him back to the vet to have his lungs rechecked to make sure the inflammation had gone down in his lungs, to where the vet could then treat him for the heartworms.

The way the Veterinarian treats the dog that has heartworms is actually a poison called arsenic, but the vet treats the dog with only very small portions of the arsenic to kill the heartworms in the animal, the vet has to be very careful about giving the right amount of dosage. The best way to prevent your dog from getting heartworms, is to treat him with the medicine called: Heartguard. Depending on the size and weight of your dog,

Heartguard comes in different forms for these weights of your dog. The medicine will cost no more than between, $36.00-$75.00 per year, depending on your dog’s weight. You have to treat your dog on a monthly basis with this Heartguard preventative, for the rest of your dogs life span, so he or she won't get the heartworms disease. Also, Heartworms is a very painful way for your dog to pass on, and you don't want your dog to suffer like this. For small dogs that don't weigh that much, the Heartguard medicine will only run you around $36.00 per year. The state of Florida is one of the worst places for your dog to catch heartworms, for this state is drier, and more humid, and susceptible to diseases, such as heartworms disease. Mosquitoes are worse in Florida, so this means more mosquitoes, more chances of heartworms. So treat your dog early to prevent this from happening to your dog, or dogs. No matter where you live, this should be taken into consideration for your dog. Also it’s very costly to try and save your dog, after it gets the heartworms. You’re looking at around five hundred dollars, if not more to try and save your dog’s life. Take care of your dog’s health, before its too late. Good Luck.