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One of the most important things you can do to maintain the physical and
psychological health of your hamster is to clean its cage on a regular
basis. Bad odors
coming from the cage can be caused by not only a dirty cage but by
potentially dangerous
bacterial growth as well.

- Clean the cage floor twice a week by removing the litter and cleaning the
inside of the
cage completely.

- Completely replace all bedding once a week.

- Use a mild animal disinfectant to prevent bacterial growth. Spray a medium
amount in the
cage and wipe it down with clean paper towels.

- Never use phenol or carbolic acid type disinfectants like the kind you
might find in the
kitchen cleaning section of the grocery store. They contain chemicals that
are harmful to
your pet

- Make sure to follow all instructions with any cleaner you may purchase at
your local pet

- During summer months when it is warm, rather than just wiping your cage
down, you will
want to thoroughly scrub the inside using hot water and disinfectant. Rinse
well and allow it
plenty of time to dry before putting the animal back in the cage.

All of these tips are important to follow when it comes to promoting the
health, happiness,
and longevity of your small caged pet.